Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. Haven’t you always wanted to ask that question? Now you and your guests can!! The magic-selfie-mirror is the must have for 2019 ! It represents the latest in innovative and unique photo technology that is perfect for your event! It features a full length mirror with integrated photo technology that provides an animated touch screen photo activation with customised photo layouts and custom screens Designed by us.

Selfie Mirror Hire Ireland

Spruce up your party, wedding, or event with a high-tech magic selfie mirror. Kitted out with a DSLR camera hidden behind a two-way mirror, the selfie mirror allows your guests to take full-length pictures throughout the event. The interactive touchscreen and cheeky personally created prompts make the mirror easy and fun to use. Take your special event to the next level with our crazy, cool, and affordable selfie mirror.

The magic mirror photo booth is portable and stands on its own, which means we can set it up wherever you’d like. Our team will arrive at your venue with more than enough time to set up and prepare the magic mirror, so it’s ready when your guests arrive.


Every package comes with an experienced, friendly host who’ll help your guests to use the magic mirror, and remind them to sign the guestbook. We cater to events of all types and sizes and we always try to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Choose between our Hollywood style or Elegant Silver frame Mirrors 

If you are looking for selfie mirror hire then you have come to the right place.

Event Occasions Photo Booth hire and selfie mirror hire are the best value around. 

photo booth hire, selfie mirror hire

Custom Animated Screens & Prints

Instant Unlimited Prints

Unlimited use 



Digital copy of photos


photo booth hire, selfie mirror hire
Selfie Mirror Hire Ireland
Selfie Mirror hire, Photo Booth Hire

**Selfie Mirror hire / Photo Booth hire and sweet table offer for €499**

Got a question ? Drop us a mail and we will do our best to help you get the best price

  • Photo Booth Hire, Selfie Mirror Hire
  • Photo Booth Hire, Selfie Mirror Hire
  • Photo Booth Hire, Selfie Mirror Hire
  • Photo Booth Hire, Selfie Mirror Hire








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